Build professional user flows in balsamiq

Visualizing the user flow is a key step in your UX design process before diving into wireframing user interfaces for a website or app. Creating user flows helps you to

  • Be aware of all screens and microinteractions you need to design
  • Be aware of the path the user will take thru your app ¬† to achieve his goal
  • Better understand how the screens of your app will interact with each other
  • Better understand how the user will interact with a specific screen – this is called micro interactions
  • Better present, discuss and iterate your ideas
  • Make your user flows, page flows, site flows look professional

Pages & Microinteractions

USERFLOWS for Balsamiq provides a rich library of symbols for pages and micro interactions which will help you to build professional user flows and site flows directly in Balsamiq Рfast and efficient.


If Balsamiq Mockups is your tool of choice for wireframing why not also use it for creating awesome user flows, page flows or site flows.


Here are some examples how I build user flows in my UX design process.



Download now!

Userflows is provided as a balsamiq project file (.bmpr). Get your copy today and let me know how this works for you. Best of all – it’s free! Please make sure to subscribe to my mailing list so I can keep you updated on new versions.